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The Northwestern State University will be hosting the Fall 2016 State Intramural Tournament and Conference on November 17-20, 2016.

The Kent Adams Golf Tournament and Director's dinner will be on Thurs., November 17th.
Directors Conference and Business Meetings will begin Friday, November 18th. Basketball and Volleyball team captains meeting will also be on the evening of Friday, November 18th. The tournament begins on Saturday, November 19th and ends on Sunday, November 20th.
If your university has any important events coming up, please go contact us and please let us know about them. We will get them on the calender. Thank you.
We as an Association now have a Forum with topics that can be talked about, students can discuss tournaments, professionals can give updates about their programs, etc. Go check it out at LCIRSA Forum.

Also, go and like us on Facebook and we are now on Twitter. We will be working hard to update both these sites throughout the tournament.

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